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Celebrating seven years in business: “We achieved what we set out to do”

Wednesday February 2, 2022


As we celebrate seven incredible years at Phillips Harrod we sat down with founders Simon Harrod and Adam Phillips to discuss opening one of London’s first rental market agencies and their greatest achievement to date.

How did you both meet?

Simon: Funnily enough, we met each other over 25 years ago playing football. Our relationship grew stronger in early 2005/ late 2006 when we began working opposite each other, closing deals together in the property firms we worked for. Acknowledging that we were both driven individuals who had extensive knowledge in the property and rental market, in 2015 we decided to join forces and fulfil our ambition of opening one of London’s first agencies specialising in servicing the rental residential market in prime and super prime locations. We haven’t looked back since!

What do you believe your/the company’s greatest achievement has been so far?

Adam: For me, It’s not about the largest deal we’ve closed. Our greatest achievement is doing what we set out to do – becoming market leaders in our niche and building a reputable agency. 7 years later and we’re still closing deals, building our team, helping tenants find their dream property, expanding our services and growing our landlords’ portfolios.

Simon: Exactly, if you think about all the negativity and hurdles surrounding the property market, especially with the pandemic, recession, inflation rates and Brexit, to still be thriving 7 years later is a massive accomplishment and something I’m truly proud of. A deal is a deal, but we are building a legacy and have built an agency where our clients trust us and feel well and truly supported.

What do you think the future looks like for Phillips Harrod?

Adam: As we continue to grow and nurture the rental side of the business, we’re aiming to develop and branch into the sales side as well. Although we are rental experts at heart and will continue to nurture this service, we have extensive knowledge and experience in selling properties. We’ve noticed a demand from our current Landlords who are looking to sell some of their properties, but want to use agents they trust and have a rapport with; to help meet this demand we’ll be expanding our selling service this year.

In addition to sales and rentals, in 2022 we’re also offering clients a bespoke opportunity to invest with us on a buy to let opportunity. Using our expertise we help clients locate and invest in properties that have a high return on investment, renovate them and put them on the market to let. This is a service we’ve been working on for a while now, and are truly excited to implement this year.

Simon: Beyond expanding our services, for me personally, stability is key for our future. I want to build upon what we’ve already achieved, concentrating on what we do best. We’ve already established ourselves as reputable rental experts, but I want us to continue to establish ourselves as market leaders in the areas we operate in whilst continuing to grow our team. Given how 2021 went, the future is looking very promising!

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